22 Sep - 2 Oct 2016

Ich denke oft an die Menge Rindfleisch, die notwenig ist, um aus dem Genfersee eine Fleischbrühe zu machen
(I often think of the quantity of beef that is required to turn the lake of Geneva into a meat broth)

Texts by Georges Perec and Peter Stamm.
Music by Marcel Zaes for electric toothbrushes, amplified nail files, sine and square wave generators, metronomes, melodicas and amplified voices (world premiere).

With Jonas Gygax and Kukuruz Quartet:
Philip Bartels, Duri Collenberg, Simone Keller and Lukas Rickli.
Director: Philip Bartels.
Sounddesign: Laura Endres.
Scenography: Regula Zuber.
A music-theater production by Ox & Öl

22. September 2016, 19:30h Zürich, Architekturforum
(afterwards premiere celebration with live music by Konstantin Wullschleger)
24. September 2016, 19:30h, Zürich CH, Architekturforum
25. September 2016, 19:30h, Zürich CH, Architekturforum
29. September 2016, 19:30h, Zürich CH, Architekturforum
1. Oktober 2016, 19:30h, Winterthur CH, Osttor
2. Oktober 2016, 17:00h, Winterthur CH, Osttor
(afterwards concert for four pianos with music by Julius Eastman)

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30 Sep 2016

Der Engel an meiner Tafel

A musical on-site visit of three baroque parlors in the Benedict abbey St. Lambrecht (Austria), by zither player Georg Glasl and stage director Andreas Staudinger. The three parlors will be seen in a fresh new perspective when filled with the music of Bernhard Lang (* 1957), Marcel Zaes (*1984) and John Dowland (1563 - 1626).

Bernhard Lang
DW 15 Gesänge der Engel
for voice, zither and tape

Marcel Zaes
for bass zither and electronics/tape (world premiere)

John Dowland
for voice and cetra nova

Martina Koppelstetter, voice, performance
Georg Glasl, zither
Andreas Staudinger, staging

30 Sep 2016, 19:30
Benediktinerstift St. Lambrecht
Hauptstraße 1
8813 St. Lambrecht

25 Nov 2016

SJÖ : TVÅ feat. Classicus Quartet

live in concert
Teatro Sociale - Bellinzona CH
Co-produced by Rete Due
21:00, Bellinzona

Andrea Manzoni - piano/composition
Marcel Zaes - electronics/composition
Classicus Quartet Budapest:
József Rácz
Réka Baksai
Péter Tornyai
Tamás Zétényi


1 Dec 2016

New work

Living installation
for a large number of performers
live performed at BONE Festival
Schlachthaus Theater Berne/CH

Jul 2016

material #0
Solo Exhibition Cyrill Lim + Marcel Zaes

Berlin + Bern

Apr 2016

Album Release
SJÖ : TVÅ / Andrea Manzoni + Marcel Zaes

Available now:

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