7 Dec 2017

Tracy Silverman performs
'Pulsations Study #1'

New piece for distorted electric violin, guitar amplifiers, and electronics
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
Brown University, Providence RI, USA

15 Dec 2017


Poorna Swami's Solo Piece to be showcased in CITATIONS: THREE DANCES
With an original new music composition by Marcel Zaes
Friday Dec 15, 2017
7.30 pm
Shoonya Centre - Bangalore, India
More: Details on Facebook

New Works 2017

Duo Demi performers

Stillness in Disrepair (Premiere)

at the Swiss Chamber Music Festival

Gábor Koós and Marcel Zaes

2 5 1 8 4 11 5 / 36

Installation, Budapest

Anna Schölß and Marcel Zaes


Installation, Schlehdorf/GER

Marcel Zaes performs


at Granoff Center for the Creative Arts/Brown U

New Living Installation

Setting #4

at Rhode Island School of Design