Artistic Statement

By Marcel Zaes, January 2015

Marcel’s main artistic interest lies in articulation various concepts on the perception of space and time. For this purpose, he takes the elemental sine wave with its rough sound quality as the object of his artistic inquiry. In his works, the sine wave constantly assumes novel shapes and is complemented by sounds coming from traditional instruments. Marcel‘s works oscillate between music compositions, installations, performances and concept works as they are characterized by installative principles based on timeless sound states as well as by performative elements often in the form of participating musicians. Beside the conceptual interest in the liminal space between sound and visual arts, the combination of live instruments with the raw sine wave emits an atmospheric quality of its own.

Marcel Zaes has created, over the past 11 years, a large number of works to include concert works, installations, interdiciplinary pieces and concept works. These works have been both nationally and internationally showcased.


Detailed curriculum on request.