A long moment (of pleasure)

Sound Sculpture for two female voices, mixing desk player and tape.
Commissioned by the ChamberBridge Duo, USA
Composed 2009-2010
Duration: 6 min

Graphic: visualization of the acceleration of the singing voices & sine oscillators

A long moment (of pleasure) is a slowly but continuously accelerating drone music composition. Its sound material consists of two voices and two sine wave oscillators (played from tape). The complex rhythmic structure of these four sound sources is shaped in real-time by the mixing desk player – a person who solely controls the muting and un-muting of single sound sources, hence constantly changing the sound texture, timbre and spatiality. The mixing desk player follows a separate score that is not synchronized with the singers’ score. This always leads to a slightly different result, rendering each performance unique.
The piece was premiered by Lara Bruckmann (voice), Eva-Maria Zimmermann (voice) and Evelyn Ficarra (mixing desk) at UC Berkeley / USA in 2010.

Setup for the sounc sculpture

Score sample page


5 May 2010 - University of California - Berkeley USA

9 May 2010 - Old First Concerts - San Francisco USA

15 May 2010 - Trinity Chamber Concerts - Berkeley USA

16 May 2010 - Portola Valley Presbyterian Church - Portola Valley USA

21 Aug 2010 - Zingghaus Köniz - Berne CH

Review by Benjamin Frandzel

“A work that was a shift in both instrumentation and style was Marcel Zaes’ A long moment (of pleasure) for two female voices, mixing-desk player, and tape. With Zimmermann leaving the keyboard altogether and joining Bruckmann in singing, the two performers onstage mainly produced long-held pitches that were couched in an ambient, arrestingly lovely electronic environment handled by Ficarra and Yamasato. Calling to mind the patient approach of LaMonte Young’s long-tone pieces, this was a welcome departure from the busier and more densely written works on the rest of the program.”
from: San Francisco Classical Voice, Old First Concerts, May 9, 2010