Bullhorn with the sound of its own feedback

Megaphone, sound player, cable
Recording of a feedback
Dimensions: 35cm ūĚóĎ ‚ćČ20cm plus cable
Duration: infinite

'Bullhorn with the sound of its own feedback' is a sound emitting object, reminiscent of Minimalist sculptures. The object consists of a customary megaphone connected to a sound player. Instead of its ordinary use of amplifying a voice, siren or music, it plays back the recording of its own fed back idle mode sound. It is both self-reflexive and engaged with its surroundings, as it plays back its own feedback recording, which

has been made in the desert and hence does not contain any acoustic room characteristics; but when this work is transfered into a gallery space, it engages with the acoustics of that space.

This work has been produced in the context of the 'W√úSTEN I-VIII' project and has been showcased throughout the W√úSTEN I-VIII series as well as in the 'ten times.' series.

photo: Ivo Sägesser, Stadtgalerie Bern, 2014