clouds with roots

Sound installation work
five speakers on wooden socles, three hardware media players, eleven recordings of water conduits (done with miniature contact microphones), signal-processing computer
duration indefinite

This work is dedicated to Claudia Zloteanu's sculpture 'Imagining Sound' (Rome 2012). Curated and commissioned by Eleonora Farina for the group show 'spazi aperti', Rome 2012

Eleven sound recordings of floating water, indefinable noise, and knocking within the water pipes, done in the basement of the Romanian Academy in Rome, are basically amplified and become highly audible via five speakers in their original room. The signal-processing computer introduces randomly chosen pitch and time transformation by sharply cutting the sound recordings and perpetually arranging them, while following a network of regulations that have been set by the artist.

As in other works of Zaes, pitch changes depend on the scale of the natural harmonics, whereas the durations of the played back sound events obey prime numbers within a pulse grid. Being anti-virtuous and totally lacking in big or exciting gestures, this sound work is engaging in silent and intimate dialogue with its audience, as well as it is emphasizing the inner beauty of the found sonic material. CLOUDS WITH ROOTS is creating, by adding sound, a subtle place of quiet, almost eliminating time itself.