lack of hinterlands

Anna Schölß & Marcel Zaes

Six objects and sounds of diverse tension, 2014
Pigment on piano wire, chromed brass, iron and wire; piezo sound oscillator, miniature speakers, piezo buzzer, bass speaker membrane, six sound players, sine waves, artificial fog

A room covered with artificial fog. Fine and fragile lines may be perceived through the diffuse lights. Shining in neon orange, black and white, they resemble crystalline shapes. These levitating objects, made from thin wire, emit sounds that every now and then stop and resume again, and occasionally cumulate into a dense soundscape. Thin cables connect the six single objects and their sound emitters with amplifiers, weaving them into a single breathing organism.
The work ‚Lack of hinterlands‘ consists of six

crystal objects, colored with neon pigment colours and connected with different kinds of sound emitters, such as piezo elements or miniature speaker membranes, through which pure sinusoidal waves are sent. Even the speakers themselves are covered with colour pigments which heavily influence the timbre of the soundscape. ‚Lack of hinterlands‘ negates any signification, thus solely creating an abstract space of perception, underlined by the artificial fog embedding it.

Video: Stadtgalerie Berne CH (Jan/Feb 2014)

photos: Stadtgalerie Bern (Jan/Feb 2014)


Jul 18 to Sep 28 - Ostrale - Dresden GER

Mar 13, 2014 - XLR - Zurich CH

Jan 31 to Feb 2014 - Atelier Klassen/Stadtgalerie - Bern CH