La maison pense au présent

Julie Sas & Marcel Zaes
installation / performance, 2014
3 transducers on window pane, 1 contact micropone, 1 room microphone, computer, amplifier, cables, text
Variable dimensions

z00 Gallery, Lausanne/CH, 2014

'La maison pense au présent' is a collaboration work which takes two different shapes: the one of a sound installation and the one of a lecture performance.
In a three-week period, a preprogrammed system, installed in the rooms of the z00 office, automatically detects and records sonic events produced by the architects working in the office. These recorded sonic events are being played back through transducer speakers attached to the window pane that goes to the street, with a delay of five minutes. Thus, the inside sounds of

the office are getting audible for pedestrians on the street. The installation deals with a fracture between the visual and sonic reality perceived in front of the building.
On the last day of this three-week period, a lecture performance by the artist duo closes the exhibition. The lecture is based upon the sonic materials that have been collected in the office over the span of the three weeks and it mixes spoken text, gestures and sine wave tones to an interdisciplinary assembly.