Modular music composition for guitar, recorder, electronics & heavy amplification

Virginia Arancio – guitar
Teresa Hackel – recorder
Marcel Zaes – electronics, composition

Duration: modular; minimum 15 min, maximum 75
Premiered on Aug 31, 2013 at the LesDigitales Festival, Lugano Switzerland

MODE 27 is an experimental live-sampling setup. It is modular, electronic music, played by an instrumental ensemble consisting of two instrumentalists and an electronics player. The music material for the two instrument players consists of several written modules. The electronics player applies contemporary DJ techniques to the instrumental ensemble. Thus, he mixes the instrumental modules in real time with processed sine wave sounds. Additionally, every now and then, he captures recordings and samples from the instruments. This gesture turns the whole setup into a live-sampling arrangement, as these samples are processed and played back. The three musicians, on stage, are connected by a complex in-ear monitoring system, which allows them to spontaneously react to announcements regarding the modules.

At the same time, MODE27 confronts sounds and playing techniques of the ‘New Music’ genre with daring beats from the club. Thus, the piece not only seeks to develop unheard sound landscapes in a particular mix of instruments, but also further investigates advanced improvising strategies in a chamber music formation.


15 Dec 2013 - PROGR/ - Bern CH

31 Aug 2013 - Les Digitales - Lugano CH

photos © Ivo Sägesser