by Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes

Audio transducers on suspended panels of diverse materials,
multichannel audio player, amplifiers and sine wave tones,
dimensions variable, 2014-2016

Exhibited at Orbital Garden, Bern, June 2016 and at Lage Egal Berlin, June/July 2016

Panels of different materials, spread all over the space, are used as resonators. Each panel is stimulated with an artificial audio impulse that, in resonating on the panel, becomes audible. Since the very same audio impulse results in different sounds on panels of different materials, the characteristics of the respective material are emphasized. Rhythmically, all impulses follow a leading pulse, each deviating minutely from that lead. The result is a diffuse beat which acts as the soundscape for the swarm of suspended panels that, were it not for air movements, would be utterly still.

photos © 2016 Uwe Von Loh & Marcel Zaes