Poussières Somatiques

Spatial music composition for an infinite number of accordion players and a vast indoor space
Duration: 56 min
Commissioned by the Accordion Suisse Association (ARMA)
Premiered on May 24, 2014 by 57 children and amateurs at the CRSA Festival, Prilly-Lausanne/CH
in an underground parking lot
Directed by Florine Juvet, Jérémy Schaffner, Marcel Zaes

The score of this piece has been published with music publisher "AME" in Lyss/CH

Video by Matt Cianfrani, 2015

POUSSIÈRES SOMATIQUES is a music composition specially designed for vast indoor spaces with a long reverberation such as an underground parking lot, a shopping mall, a cathedral or the like. The piece is performed by a great number of accordion players who are chaotically spread throughout the space. Each player generates extremely high and low notes, both long-sustained. These are sometimes interrupted by rhythmic patterns, single accents or air sounds. The sound of a single accordion is no longer identifiable, but yields to an intense overall “sound cloud”. As the minimalistic musical material spreads across the mass of accordions that are positioned in large distances throughout the space, this “sound cloud” almost appears to be in motion. Diffuse rhythms evolve at one end of the space and continue at the other. The audience is free to walk across the piece. The written score is time-based and each player is equipped with a stopwatch in order to follow the score.

sketch of the performance situation

video still © Matt Cianfrani