living installation / live-performed sound sculpture
with one instrument capable of sustain, a signal-processing computer and 3-7 speakers
duration variable (30-300 min)

Sketch: spatial positioning of the instrument & speakers for the performance

Prairies is a slowly developing living installation. Single instrument tones – in the order of the natural harmonic series – are recorded during the performance. They are sent one by one into an algorithmic system which rasterizes these tones in time. Each of the speakers has its own "kill switch", an electronically controlled gate, which lets the recordings either pass or not. Prairies is based on a time grid and the kill switches open for a random number of beats at random moments. The result is a nearly static music which spreads over the whole space, giving its audience time to submerge oneself into the endless changing spectrums of the instrument. Two versions of Prairies have been made up to the present: a double bass and a accordion version.

This living installation is a thought about time perception, about harmonic development and about conventions of concert music. Prairies is made for both concert halls and museums / art spaces.

past representations

10 OCT 2011
Version Double Bass with Federico Scala
EMU Fest, Rome IT
30 AUG 2010
Version Accordion without player (tape)
Bienal Música Hoje in, Curitiba BR
03 SEP 2010
Version Double Bass with Sabrina Merz
PROGR Fest, Berne CH
24 SEP 2009
Version Accordion with Florine Juvet
Festival Lausanne Jardin, Lausanne CH