Pulsations [Solo]

A solo performance by Marcel Zaes, 2018
With digital sound, trash speakers and video
and also an artistic research on "digital temporalities"

Premiered at Brown University, USA, in May 2018

Duration: ~45 min

A performance with an experimental pulse generator and tiny “trash” speakers that serve as resonating bodies for the abstract pulsations that are generated entirely dig- itally. As is suggested by the title, Swiss artist Marcel Zaes, in his new work, deploys digital pulses and material resonance as his material. Zaes controls the pulsating algorithm—that creates a Deleuzian “assemblage” of linked yet individual ticks—in real-time and uses video projections to visualize the assemblage, that is based on the digital modelling of organic, social and linguistic behaviour such as stuttering, swarming, and deviating from a given reference. With this work, Zaes creates an im- mersive environment, to which he likes to refer to as “techno-organic.”

Pulsations [solo] is a conglomerate of several software tools that Zaes is developing in the scope of his doctoral research at Brown University, USA, where he is earning his PhD while specializing in advanced digital temporalities. These tools are assem- bled into a larger performative array—one could even say, an “instrument.” Each of the multiple speakers has its own voice, and each voice follows the same principles based on stuttering, swarming, and Gaussian deviation from a given pulse. The over- all outcome is an ever-pulsing swarm that is spatial and while deeply repetitive, will always slightly change and never quite sound the same.


11 Jul 2018 - Pro Helvetia - New Delhi/India

28 Jun 2018 - Swissnex - Bangalore/India

4 May 22018 - Brown University - Providence/RI US

27 Apr 2018 - Old Fire Station on Sutton Street - Providence/RI