Record of a Minute

Installation with two local billboards
2 contact speakers, 2 attached metal boxes, 2 audio players, amplifiers and cables
Dimension: 2x poster size F12, 230 x 600 cm
Duration: infinite

At the river beach of Bern, at the entrance of the men’s area, there are two billboards, used by the local advertising company. From a distance, they appear is if there were nothing unusual about them. Only a closer look reveals that they emit a sound into their surroundings. Contact speakers, attached at the back of the billboards, put the two thin aluminium panels in fine vibration. Thus, the politically or commercially charged surface of the panel is abused as a speaker cone. As sound material, synthetic waves that change their frequency slowly over time and always come up with new statically-pulsing sound patterns are used. “Record of a Minute” is a subtle in-situ intervention, created on commission for the Swiss outdoor sculpture exhibition ‘Jetzt Kunst’ for the Bernese river beach.

This installation is based upon the collaboration works 'scherbeln' and 'pochen' between Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes.


28 Sep - 2 Nov 2014
Swiss Sculpture Show 'Jetzt Kunst Marzili'
Bern CH

photo © 2014 Marcel Zaes