by Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes

Audio transducers on several window panes,
multichannel audio player, amplifiers and sine wave tones, dimensions variable,

Realized on commission for Museumsnacht Bern/Switerland, 2010
Second version at Lage Egal Berlin, 2016
Third version at Orbital Garden Bern, 2016

Lage Egal, Berlin 2016

Several windows are equipped with audio transducers that have the window panes vibrate. As sound sources, sine wave oscillators are used. The frequency of each oscillator idiosyncratically and slowly rises and falls. The beginning frequency for all oscillators is set by the resonance frequency of their corresponding window pane. The upper and lower bounds of these frequency movements are multiples of the starting frequency, set differently for each oscillator/window, so that over the course of the installation, a huge variety of different microtonal sound clusters evolve.

The installation has been created on the occasion of the Museumsnacht Bern 2010 for the window façade of the Bern University of the Arts.

photos © 2010 Uwe Von Loh & Marcel Zaes