living installation / spatial music composition
for any number of string and wind instruments
and half that number of speakers connected to audio players

composed on commission for the International Society for Contemporary Music IGNM Bern
premiered by Virginia Arancio, Teresa Hackel & the Vertigo Ensemble, directed by Patrick Jüdt

On the one hand, the living installation is inspired by precise and considerably fast techno pulses and subdivision patterns at 125 bpm and by the idea of translating this aesthetic into a classical ensemble. On the other hand, its main focus is on rhythmic deviations. The speakers function as

metronomes, each set at a different pulse which pairs of musicians follow. Since the audience walks freely amongst speakers and musicians, a living installation is created. The performance results in a complex, spatial and polyphonic “metronome orchestra.”

Score excerpt


11 Dec 2014 - International Society for Contemporary Music IGNM - Bern CH

Directed by Patrick Jüdt
Virginia Arancio - guitar
Teresa Hackel - recorder
& the Vertigo Ensemble:
Anja Brezavšček - flute
Teresa Doblinger - bass clarinet
Alexandar Andjelkovic - accordion
Julia Wacker - harp
Jonathan Tanner - violin
Sophie Wahlmüller - viola
Fernando Costa - cello
Karolina Tukaj - double bass