Duo project by Andrea Manzoni & Marcel Zaes

Andrea Manzoni - composition, piano, fender rhodes, moog
Marcel Zaes - composition, electronics, programming

Anna Schölß - artwork

Debut album released by Tonus Music Records, Oct 2014
For the second album, see sjö : två

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Video by Lia Sáile: official album release concert, 2014


What happens when a contemporary sound artist and a jazz pianist remain shut indoors in a baroque castle in the Piemontese mountains for two weeks? The result is Sjö - a collaborative project between the Budapest-based electronic composer Marcel Zaes (CH) and the Paris-based jazz pianist Andrea Manzoni (ITA). From the sheltered rooms of their baroque retreat, Zaes and Manzoni present a sonic research project which is as contemporary as it is versatile. Sjö explores questions such as what it means for a piano to make a sound in the 21st century - in a century over-determined by an electronic environment. Starting from Manzoni’s jazz-based technical expertise, the duo experiments with electronic transformations and the impact of their environment - whether low-key piano bar or deep techno club, their sound seeks to adapt the piano to different 21st century musical settings. The visuals accompanying Sjö’s sonic investigations are provided by the artwork of the artist Anna Schölß (GER).

Sjö has been supported by the SUISA Foundation, the Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung, Tonus Music Records and the Stalker Theater in Biella (ITA).


'Sjö', released by Tonus Music Records, 2014
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Tour plan 'Sjö'

(for concerts in 2016 c.f. "sjö : två")
2 Jul 2015 - Auróra - Budapest HU

20 May 2015 - Officine Caos - Turin IT

25 Apr 2015 - Kleintheater Braui - Worb CH

24 Jan 2015 - Quiet Cue - Berlin GER

18 Dec 2014 - Cinema Verdi - Biella IT

24 Oct 2014 - Safe/Mitte - Basel CH

18 Oct 2014 - Orbital Garden - Bern CH

12 Oct 2014 - Gwenstival - Chiasso CH

6 Sep 2014 - Sonarraum U64 - Bern CH

23 Aug 2014 - LesDigitales - Lugano CH

7 Aug 2014 - Strade del Cinema - Aosta IT

above: Live at Officine Caos, Turin

above: Live at Braui Kleintheater Worb/Bern

above: Live at Quiet Cue Berlin

above: Live at Safe/Mitte Basel

above: Live at Safe/Mitte Basel

above: Live at Orbital Garden Bern

above: Live at Gwenstival Chiasso

above: Live at Strade del Cinema Aosta