Sloping Site (Abfallendes Gelände)

Installation with 7 garbage bins, 7 miniature speakers, audio players, amplifiers and cables
Dimension: variable
Duration: infinite

The prominent garbage bins, standing on the vast lawn of the river beach of Bern, are an everyday view. Their gray-pink industrial design is a distinctive feature of the Bernese bath. Zaes executes a subtle intervention with these found garbage bins: He selects seven bins, puts them closer together and equips each with a miniature speaker that brings the plastic of the bins into slight vibration. As a result, each bin emits a soft high sound that is audible in immediate proximity only. Irregularities in the plastic and pitch changes in the sound source ensure that the “choir” of the seven garbage bins results in a rich, irritating and spatial sound sculpture for the passing visitor.

This installation is based upon the collaboration works 'scherbeln' and 'pochen' between Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes.


28 Sep - 2 Nov 2014
Swiss Sculpture Show 'Jetzt Kunst Marzili'
Bern CH

photo © 2014 Marcel Zaes