ten times.

Anna Schölß & Marcel Zaes

Performance version

Performance series in ten acts, 2013
Round frames, neon paint, speakers, cables, sound, diverse pedestals and various ephemera
In ten different outdoor places

Installation version

Installation, 2013
10 metal sockets, round acrylic paintings, c-prints, speaker membranes, cables and sound
Variable dimensons

performance version

indoor exhibition version

The work ‚ten times.‘ has been created as a series of ten performances by Schölß/Zaes in ten different outdoor places. The aim of the duo was to bring similar objects and sounds into different environments, always under stark weather conditions throughout a high-Alpine Swiss winter. The selected places included amongst others the leafless multitude of a dark winter forest, a snowed-in hill, the early matutinal waterside of a river, a high-Alpine snow-field and a nocturnal empty asphalt patio. Each performance displayed the very same procedure: The artists arrived on the respective site, unloaded their equipment, started to interfere with the space, set up arrangements of wooden and metal poles that resulted in abstract landscape grids, mounted speaker membranes and paint objects, connected sound players, illuminated the grids with mobile lamps in their nocturnal performances, changed the scenic and object-based arrangements, disassembled their objects and removed them from the space. After the end of the performance, the site in question appears unchanged. The performances were conducted – with one exception – in the absence of any audience, as intimate interventions into the wintery landscape, seen only by accidental passers-by and by the camera.
In addition to the performance series, the objects used in the performances exist as an installation – equally titled „ten times.“– for indoor exhibition situations.


18 Dec 2013 - Schauraum - Olten CH