2 5 1 8 4 11 5 / 36

Installation, 2017
by Gábor Koós and Marcel Zaes

Gábor Koós
site-specific installation
with numerous frottage prints on paper
Dimensions: 440×440×250cm each

Marcel Zaes
sound installation
for two loudspeakers
with digital sine wave tones and a drum sampler; loop with variation
Duration: endless
[rhythm programmed with BRAID.live - huge thanks go to Brian House for developing BRAID]

Video by Kati Egely

2 5 1 8 4 11 5 / 36 is an artistic 
experiment between visual and sonic arts. In this first 
collaboration between the Budapest-based artist Gábor Koós and the Boston-based composer-performer Marcel Zaes, we are heading for an experimental space created out of numbers and structures: the first common base was a series of

numbers, after which the work is titled. Both artists developed their individual approach to translate this series into visual or sonic elements respectively. The outcome is a muti-sensory audio-
visual installation amidst Gábor’s studio in Budapest, which was opened to the public for one day.

Photos by Gábor Koós