Record Release

Marcel Zaes:
Parallel Prints

With Yarn/Wire
Video/art by Eli Backer
Out on Editions Verde, New York, Jan 7, 2022

Selected for The Best Contemporary Classical on Bandcamp: February 2022 by Peter Margasak on March 08, 2022

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Eli Backer on Parallel Prints:
It is rare to find concept and expression existing in the same space, creating work that is as pleasurable to behold as it is grounded in its premise. PARALLEL PRINTS sits gracefully in this transcendent middle. This balance comes from Zaes’ ability and tendency to lead others to their best work. Bringing people together with a roadmap, knowing that his directions may not be followed precisely and that the end result will be better for it. Indeed, as I wrestle with the task of conveying to you what Parallel Prints is, I realize that I don’t have an absolute answer.

Ashley Frith on Parallel Prints:
Expansive, altering, and at times relentless, PARALLEL PRINTS creates expressive textures that stir and incite. To engage with this music is to find ourselves in an unknown sound world, as our ears adjust we are drawn to burrow more deeply.

℗ Editions Verde 2022