JUL 12, 2024
Marcel Zaes — DJ Set Electro/Historic/Techno at VinylHouse, Shenzhen
With Ma Jia as supporting act
Friday, July 12, 2024, 11pm - 2am

News Archive & Past


JUL 5, 2024
DeSound Performance Festival: Marcel Zaes presents new audio-visual live performance “NOSHORE,” alongside four electronic musicians presenting their sets: Wang Wenwei, Chen Mulian, Hui AoShan, Zen Lu.
Bao’an Stadium, DeSound Stage, Gate 4, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City
19:30 panel talk with artists
20:30 performance start

APR 27 - May 19, 2024
“A Grain Of” - At Shenzhen Design Week
Designing for Techno-Natural Futures: Rendering Shenzhen’s Urban Materialities from Inside a “Grain”
By Enza Migliore and Marcel Zaes Sagesser
Team members: Yiyuan Bai, Zhaorui Liu, Zhonghui Tang, Yaohan Zhang, Bo Dong, Peihua Huang, Yujing Ma, Zichun Xia, Zhiyi Zhang, and Simeng Wang

APR 27 - May 6, 2024
“In the Plains of Otherlands”
at Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Design Exhibition
On view at Shenzhen Art Museum
Video, with sound
Creative research project on urban perception through media
Project by Marcel Zaes, with Xiayu Lin, Sylvia Gyuwon Lee, Irene Gu, Yujing Ma, and Simeng Wang

MAR 31, 2024
Media Performance “Mirrors of Otherlands” shown at Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall, within the series “Digi Muse.” Marcel Zaes presents a performance including the workshop Media Art Exploration & Creation Workshop in Image and Sound.
Sunday, Mar 31, 2024
With Xiaoyu Lin (bass flute), Sylvia Lee (AIGC, production assistance), and Irene Gu (production assistance)

DEC 23, 2023
Album Review of “Aries Zaes - Dust” by Phosphor Kultur (Switzerland)

DEC 10, 2023
Aries Zaes play record release concert at the Prefermusic Festival
Zoobar, Bern, Switzerland
Sunday afternoon, starting at 16:00

Music performance: Annie Aries
Visuals: Jonas Probst

DEC 6, 2023
Kukuruz Quartet presents “The Failed Pianist,” a multidisciplinary performance for five pianists, at the Música Estranha Festival, São Paulo / Brazil

With music by Manuel Pessôa de Lima, Clara Allison, Julius Eastman and Marcel Zaes

Kukuruz Quartet: Philip Bartels, piano. Duri Collenberg, piano. Simone Keller, piano. Lukas Rickli, piano
Additional pianist, electronics player, and script provider: Manuel Pessôa de Lima

DEC 1, 2023
Record ‘DUST’ by Aries Zaes published on Preferfmusic
Mixing & Mastering: Ramon Bischoff,
Artwork: Sandra Schmid,
Liner notes: Eli Backer
Visuals: Jonas Probst
Listen: many international online services, as well as Bandcamp

OCT 21, 2023 - ONGOING
New media art installation “High Sections / Low Leaps”
by Marcel Zaes + Minghim Tong + Zhen Wu + Sylvia Lee
on view at the 1st SeeD Pilot Project Exhibition,
CIC Creative Commune, Longgang, Shenzhen.
Opening ceremony: Saturday, Oct 21, 2:00pm

OCT 20, 2023

Aries Zaes “DEBRIS & DUST” Tour, live performance at OIL, Shenzhen
Annie Aries + Marcel Zaes, turntables, live synthesizers
featuring. Lu Zen (opening act)

OCT 13, 2023
Aries Zaes “DEBRIS & DUST” Tour, live performance at OIL, Shenzhen
Annie Aries + Marcel Zaes, turntables, live synthesizers

OCT 1, 2023

New media art piece “Dirty Mediations” to premiere at the Montreux Jazz Festival China, Shanghai/Kunshan
Performed by Xiaoyu Lin, bass flute
Sunday, Oct 1, 2023, 9pm

SEP 26, 2023

Panelist at “Art x Science Dialogues: Transcending Waves: Sound, Technology, and Creativity” co-organized by Duke Kunshan and Swissnex Shanghai, where he’ll be talking about his new media project that he’s currently working on, “Dirty Mediations.”

Online and at Duke Kunshan, Tuesday Sep 26, 6:30-8:00pm

JUL 30, 2023

Artist Talk: Long Pan, Enza Migliore, Marcel Zaes Sagesser
“Metal and Urban Grain: Flux under Micro-scaled World View”
CAC Chronus Art Center, Shanghai
Sunday, Jul 30, 2:00 - 3:30pm Shanghai time
(8:00 - 9:30am Central European Time)
online + in-person

JUL 28, 2023
Binghuang Xu & Marcel Zaes Sagesser present paper “Listening Through Technology: An Interactive Sound Walk for a Suburb in Shenzhen” at the HCI International conference, Copenhagen
Link to paper at Springer Publishing

JUL 16-18, 2023
Artwork presentation “Mediating Place as Staging Time in ‘Setting:’ Sonic Interactive Mobile Technology as an Art Performance” in the arts exhibition of DIS’23 Conference (Designing Interactive Systems), Pittsburgh PA, USA

FEB 28, 2023
Enza Migliore, Hanyu Qu & Marcel Zaes: “A Grain of” art installation
on display at TEI’23 conference for Tangible Embedded Interaction, Warsaw, Poland

FEB 3, 2023
Record Release: “Breathing – Remembering – Dissolving”
A Bay Area Pilot project of the Amercian Composers Forum (ACF) in collaboration with Innova Recordings; all works performed by Kukuruz Quartet (Philip Bartels, Duri Collenberg, Simone Keller, Lukas Rickli); with music by Manuel Pessôa De Lima, Hassan Estakhrian, Seán Ó Dálaigh, Clara Allison, Julie Herndon, and Marcel Zaes
More at:

DEC 22, 2022 - MAR 21, 2023
New Installation “In Idle Mode (Noise)” on display at the exhibition “The Taste of Flow: Domestication Of Pond and Sucrose” at the Food Museum of Shunde (Shunde District of Foshan, Guangdong Province, China), in collaboration with Dakan Art Institute and OCT; with new works by 4 artists
Opening hours: 10:00-21:30
Address of museum: F1, Bldg 1, Joy Square, No. 3, Fengsha Joy Avenue, Daliang Street, Shunde District, Foshan
Date and time for closing ceremony will be announced

DEC 29, 2022
SUSTech School of Design presents four projects at the UABB Shenzhen / Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, among which is “Unwalking” – a series of sound walks by Marcel Zaes, Binghuang Xu, and 12 students from the School of Design: Chenghao Zhang, Tong Xu, Renchao Xue, Hexin Deng, Yue Sheng, Yijing Zhang, Xian Li, Chengwei Hu, Zilu Tang, Siyuan Yan, Hanxi Jiang, Yingxin Xu

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022, 3-5pm

NOV 19-30, 2022
Video installation “In the Plains...” at the exhibition 想象/图像/幻象Imag(in)e Fantasy at the Shanghai Chun Art Museum, hosted by the Shanghai Jiaotong University's Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI)
Nov 19 - 30, 2022
Opening ceremony on Nov 19, 2:00pm

Accompanying opening symposium to include Marcel Zaes as one of eight panelists, Nov 19, 2:30pm at Shanghai Chun Art Museum


OCT 22, 2022
Sae Hashimoto at The Stone Residency:
Yarn/Wire premieres Marcel Zaes’ Parallel Prints
Watch teaser
World premiere
Zaes’ most recent album “Parallel Prints” was recently released by Editions Verde (Brooklyn)
Accompanying film by Eli Backer
October 22, 2022, 8:30 PM
New York City

JUN 20-26, 2022

Aries/House/Zaes: Metric Displacement (installation, 2021-2022)
at New York City Electroacoustic Festival NYCEMF

JUN 23, 2022

Meghna Bhardwaj: Yarning
with videographic works by Alecia Neo and a new sound piece by Marcel Zaes
Premiere at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, national performing arts centre

JUN 10, 2022
Zaes: Pluse Geometries (fixed media piece)
Sound and Music Computing SMC 2022, Saint-Etienne, France
Streaming link

MAY 12, 2022
Marcel Zaes: Pulsations
at NoiseFloor 2022, Staffordshire University, UK
Thursday, May 12, 2022, 18:30 - 19:45 British Summer Time
Link to program

APR 14, 2022
Marcel Zaes: Texture A
ICMA Music Showcase :: Asia
re-watch on YouTube

APR 8, 2022
Research/Artist Talk “Composing Time: The Sonic Materiality of Grids, Deviations and Envelopes”
Sonorities Festival, Belfast UK
2:30 - 4:30pm UK time

APR 6-10, 2022

Cyrill Lim & Marcel Zaes: A Land Unknown
Sonorities Festival, Belfast UK

APR 6-10, 2022
Robert Black & Marcel Zaes: Moments of Doubt
Multichannel work for 5 double basses and electronics
Sonorities Festival, Belfast UK

MAR 25, 2022
Kukuruz Quartet: Breathing — Remembering — Dissolving
Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University
With new works by Clara Allison, Seán ó Dálaigh, Hassan Estakhrian, Julie Herndon, Manuel Pessoa de Lima, and Marcel Zaes
Friday, Mar 25, 7:30 - 8:30pm

MAR 8, 2022
Album Parallel Prints selected for The Best Contemporary Classical on Bandcamp: February 2022 by Peter Margasak

JAN 8, 2022
Yarn/Wire’s world premiere of “Parallel Prints” at Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA.

Show is cancelled because of Covid-19

JAN 7, 2022
Editions Verde to publish “Parallel Prints”
Record by Marcel Zaes and Yarn/Wire
With artwork/video by Eli Backer
Editions Verde
Listen/purchase on Bandcamp
Project description

DEC 10, 2021
Cathy van Eck features Zaes’ ‘Setting #26’ in the blog ‘Megaphone Music I.’

NOV 9-12, 2021
Aries/House/Zaes: Metric Displacement (installation, 2020) is part of the 27th Geneva International Film Festival’s “Geneva Digital Market” platform event, alongside nine other immersive digital media projects by up-and-coming artists and researchers

JUL 31 - AUG 15, 2021
New work, Setting #28, on view at “Transformationen”
group show, Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf GmbH
curated by Anna Schölß in cooperation with the “Kunstfabrik” by Rita de Muynck and Ulrike Rose, “kulturräume gestalten”
In Schlehdorf (Bavaria), Germany
more details

JUL 27, 2021
New paper, “#otherbeats: A Hypermediated Playback System in Web Audio“
presented at the International Computer Music Conference ICMC 2021 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago/Chile (online)
Tuesday July 27, 2:40 PM EDT
Attend here:

JUL 2, 2021
Moments of Doubt – live streamed premiere with Robert Black on Bang On A Can Live Online
Quiet.  Still.  Beautiful.  Gentle.  Calm.  Hypnotic.  Fascinating.  This month, First Fridays with Robert Black immerses you in the simple yet complex sound world of Marcel Zaes with his Moments of Doubt.  Hear the tender tones of 5 double basses (4 recorded, 1 live) rhythmically rub against each other to deliver you into a state of suspended animation where time stops, hierarchies melt, and transformation is possible.

JUL 21-27, 2021
A Land Unknown by Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes
Presented at NYCEMF 2021 Festival (online installation)
View piece at
Or follow the direct link:

JUN 17/18, 2021
#otherbeats by Marcel Zaes
Prestented by Eric Parren in the ‘live music’ program at
NIME 2021 conference, NYU Shanghai (online)
Rewatch live streamed concert at: (starting at 18:30)
or directly on YouTube

JUN 3, 2021
Participation and presentation of “Texture D”
at the composers’ panel of the annual Canadian University Music Society MusCan congress, University of Alberta, Edmonton (online)
June 3, 3:10pm - 4:20pm North American Mountain Time

MAY 19, 2021
Breathing – Remembering – Dissolving is among the selected “Bay Area Pilot Projects” 2021 by the American Composers Forum (ACF) and Innova Recordings
The project includes the Kukuruz Quartet (Simone Keller, Philip Bartels, Duri Collenberg, and Lukas Rickli) and composers Julie Herndon, Marcel Zaes, Manuel Pessôa de Lima, Seán Ó Dálaigh, Clara Allison, and Hassan Estakhrian
Media announcement

MAY 27, 2021
Swissnex San Francisco presents Beyond 2020: A (Post-) Pandemic Festival with the eight selected artists and artist collectives.
“Metric Displacement” by Annie Aries, Brian House and Marcel Zaes will present about their collaboration on May 27 at 12pm US Pacific Time. More information at Swissnex

APR 30, 2021
Traces of Noise
Participatory audio walk for SloMoCo 2021
Friday Apr 30, 1:30pm EDT
Details and registration at

APR 23, 2021
Paper presentation at SEAMUS Virtual National Conference 2021: ‘From Listening to Playing – Browser-Based Sound-Making in #otherbeats’ (online)
Friday Apr 23, 9:30 - 11:30am EDT

APR 2, 2021
Passive Method
Talea Ensemble to premiere new piece ‘Passive Method’ alongside works by Amber Vistein, Inga Chinilina, Jacob Sokolov-Gonzalez, and Kristina Warren in an online concert at Brown University, 7 PM EDT
Rewatch on YouTube

APR 2+3, 2021
Annie Aries + Brian House + Marcel Zaes
Concert at Gray Area, San Francisco (online)
Apr 2, 7pm San Francisco
Apr 3, 10am San Francisco (rebroadcast)
At Gray Area San Francisco (online)

MAR 26 - APR 4, 2021
Metric Displacement
Artists Annie Aries, Brian House, and Marcel Zaes present their sound installation as part of the Beyond 2020: A (Post-) Pandemic Practice series, produced by Swissnex San Francisco
Opening Event on Mar 26, 12pm San Francisco
Rewatch on Youtube.
Exhibition free and open to the public from Mar 26 - Apr 4, 2021.

FEB 11, 2021
Zaes: “#otherbeats: Resisting the Grid — Performing Asynchrony”
Talk & demo at IRCAM Forum Workshops, Montreal
2pm - 3pm EST
Link to program

JAN 24, 2021
“Sonic Undoing”
Sonic Undoing: A collaborative audio broadcast by the Music and Multimedia Composition graduate student community, a refraction of conversation and work, reworked and represented in a digital space for the out-of-doors. This will be a live-streamed event. Listening to the broadcast outdoors on a mobile device with headphones highly recommended.
Archival stable link:
Sun Jan 24, 1-2 PM, US Eastern time

JAN 23, 2021
Verdant Vibes presents premiere of Zaes’ “Texture C”
in their “Future Forward” online concert, streaming out of Providence, RI
alongside new works by Sally Duke and Iman Habibi
Rewatch on Youtube

JAN 20-22, 2021
Zaes: “Other Beats for 2020”
Presentation at the “Aesthetic Relations” conference at the New Carlsberg Foundation research center Art as Forum at the University of Copenhagen

DEC 17, 2020
Zaes: “#otherbeats: Deviant and resistant time grids of the pandemic”
Presentation at “Sounds of the Pandemic” conference
at Università di Firenze, Dipartimento SAGAS
Tempo Reale, Centro di Ricerca Produzione e Didattica Musicale

Archival stable link:
4pm Central European Time, Zoom Webinar

NOV 17/18, 2020

Williams College (Massachusetts, US) in collaboration with  Shiv Nadar University (Delhi, India), present “Work in Collaboration” by students.The project was conceived between Shanti Pillai, Asst. Prof. in the Dept. of Theatre at Williams, and Meghna Bhardwaj, Asst. Prof. in the Dept. of Art and Performing Art at Shiv Nadar. Also involved in this collaboration are Amy Holzapfel, Prof. of Theatre at Williams, and Marcel Zaes, a Ph.D. candidate in Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University. more

NOV 8, 2020
NowNet Arts Conference 2020 (virtual conference)
Network Arts and Social Distance: Capacities and Innovations
Presenting on the arts project “#otherbeats”
Sunday, November 8, 3.00-3.30 PM EST
Details on the conference website

OCT 2020
Zaes: “The Material Politics of Techno Punk” essay published on Norient.

OCT 23, 2020
Zaes: “When Noise is Temporal: Drum Machine Histories Between Failure & Gain” talk at “Residual Noise” conference, Brown University,
organized and curated by Ed Osborn
1:00 - 2:15 PM, Zoom webinar

OCT 14, 2020
Zaes: “#otherbeats”
at 21st International Society for Music Information Retrieval
Conference (virtual conference)
Wed Oct 14, 2020
First virtual concert at 12:30pm (New York time)
Second virtual concert the same evening at 1am (technically 10/15)

NOV 2020
Essay “Space and Place: Sonic Thoughts, Tensions, and Trajectories” by Gautam Pemmaraju, on Swami/Zaes’ “The Long and Short of It,” published by Serendipity Arts

SEP 16, 2020
Guest speaker in Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri’s seminar
“MUSIC 7420 : Composing Networks” at Cornell University, presenting on the arts piece “#otherbeats”

SEP 12, 2020
Zaes: “#otherbeats”
Web installation piece and live streamed performance
Dissertation piece in Music & Multimedia Composition
Co-hosted by the Brown Arts Initiative and the Department of Music, Brown University, Providence RI, USA
Following the event, #otherbeats will be available for individual exploration at:

FALL 2020
Zaes: #otherbeats is online
Explore the web-based arts piece at

CT::SWaM Broadband Echos Interview with Robert Black & Marcel Zaes about their collaborative piece, Moments of Doubt (2020)
Listen to the episode at:

JUL 16-17 2020
Livestream performance of “#otherbeats” (Draft #1)
at Network Music Festival NMF2020 (UK)
Performace scheduled for:
Thursday, July 16th, 10pm US/EST
Friday, July 17th, 3am UK/BST

JUN 4/7/10/11 2020
ox/öl: “Extensions”
Music theater to be premiered at Sogar Theater, Zürich/SWITZ.
By Ox & Öl, Simone Keller & Philip Bartels
Text by Anna Papst, music by Marcel Zaes, with Agnes Lampkin, Jonas Gygax, Marc Unternährer, Simone Keller and others TBA
[Postponed due to Covid-19]

MAY 30, 2020
T H E A L L S T A R S D I S T A N C E E N S E M B L E performs Toshi Ichiyanagi “DISTANCE,” 1961
Live Zoom performance with Jennifer Bornhauser, Tobias Lanz, Miranda Luiz, Valerian Maly, Anuk Schmelcher, Olivia Schneider, Jeanne Spaeter, Ilmārs Šterns, Marcel Zaes
A distance collaboration between Bern University of the Arts, BA Sound Arts, MA Contemporary Arts Practice and the Department of Music, Brown University, Providence (Rhode Island), US

APR 22-25, 2020
Zaes at Sonorities Festival, Belfast/UK:
Lim+Zaes: “A Land Unknown”
Zaes: “Moments of Doubt”
Zaes: lecture on “Resisting the Grid”
more info at

[Cancelled due to Covid-19]

APR 11, 2020
Talea Ensemble plays new work “Passive Method” by Zaes
at Brown University, Martinos Auditorium at Granoff Center
Providence, RI
8:00 PM

[Cancelled due to Covid-19]

APR 2-5, 2020
Zaes presents workshop “Resisting the Grid: Alternative Time in Electronic Music Performance” at IRCAM Forum Hors les murs Montréal / McGill University
[Postponed due to Covid-19]

MAR 13, 2020
Zaes: presents work at “Residual Noise” conference
organized/curated by Ed Osborn
Brown University & RISD Rhode Island School of Design

[Cancelled due to Covid-19]

FEB 29, 2020
Zaes: “Setting #26,” living installation
at CHIMEFest 2020: CIRCULATIONS: Symposium on Live Audio Feedback in Art at Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago
Performed by Alejandro T. Acierto, Darlene Castro, Oliver Hickman, Stephan Moore, Olivia Valentine, Cathy van Eck, and Viola Yip

FEB 17, 2020
Zaes: “Moments of Doubt,” Premiere
Sound installation with double bass
With Robert Black, double bass
at CT::SWAM: at Fridman Gallery, 8pm, New York City
Event on Facebook

FEB 7, 2020
Zaes: lecture-performance “Music, Time, Place and Space”
with performance of “Pulsations” (short version)
at Laser Boston
Swissnex, Cambridge, MA, 6 PM

JAN 27 - FEB 3, 2020
Lim/Zaes: “A Land Unknown”
on display at Granoff Center - Studio 1
Brown University, Providence, RI
Hours: Mon thru Sun, 12–6 PM
Reception: Wed Jan 29, 5–7 PM

JAN 11/12, 2020
Zaes: (…) Ebene eines fremden Landes. /
(…) In the Plains of a Foreign Land.
Performative installation with Ensemble ö!

JAN 2020
Aries Zaes: “Debris” debut album out
on Prefermusic
Order/stream album here

JAN 10, 2020
Aries Zaes: “Debris” album release show
Support: LVKK
Dampfzentrale, Bern/SWITZ.

DEC 18/19, 2019
Swami+Zaes: “The Long and Short of It”
Sound and movement installation at
Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa/INDIA

NOV 17, 2019
Lecture/Recital “Resisting the Grid – Performing Asynchrony”
at conference “Rhythm in Music since 1900” at University of Colorado Boulder

NOV 15, 2019

Zaes: Setting #24, performed SNU students and directed by Meghna Bhardwaj
Shiv Nadar University, Dadri, Uttar Pradesh/INDIA

NOV 12, 2019

Lee Gilboa, Ashley Frith, Marc Von David and Friends, Marcel Zaes
9:00 PM Live at AS220, Providence, RI
[event on Facebook]

NOV 8, 2019

Zaes: “The December Sketch” - solo electronics
presented alongside Lee Gilboa, Alexander Dupuis, Martim Galvão, Amber Vistein & Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez at Ideal Hazards, Brown University, Department of Music, Grant Recital Hall

OCT 5+6, 2019
Mandeep Raikhy: Anatomy of Belief with sound by Zaes
Odd Bird Theatre, New Delhi/IND

JUN 29, 2019
Aries Zaes: live set @2922 tage »afip!« Frankfurt
Akademie für interdisziplinäre Prozesse, Offenbach, Germany

JUN 21, 2019

Aries Zaes: live set @Fête de la Musique Lausanne
La Datcha, Lausanne, Switzerland

JUN 14, 2019
Aries Zaes: live set @Frauenstreiktag Solothurn After Party
Kreuzsaal, Solothurn, Switzerland

JUN 13, 2019
Aries Zaes: live set @basement beats Basel by PhotoBasel
Trio (basement) Klingentalstrasse 1, Basel, Switzerland

JUN 8, 2019
Zaes: Setting #21—#23
With Simone Keller, Philip Bartels, Miranda Moss, Moritz Müllenbach, Lukas Rickli, in collaboration with Annelie J. Graf and Philipp Cron
Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zürich, Switzerland

APR 27, 2019
Music of Julius Eastman and Marcel Zaes
Kukuruz Quartet
BoCA | Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Lisboa
BoCA Bienal event page

APR 20, 2019
Din//Void, Aries Zaes, Ryan Campos, Berserk
Watermyn Co-op, Providence, RI, United States

Mar 29, 2019
Zaes: Stillness in Disrepair
Glass Farm Ensemble New York
Symphony Space/Leonard Nimoy Thalia, New York City
Eileen Mack, Anthony Di Bartolo, Yvonne Troxler

Mar 7, 2019
Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
Gallery Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai/IND

Feb 20, 2019
Music of Cage, Eastman, Zaes
Kukuruz Quartet
The Italian Academy at Columbia University, New York City

Feb 15, 2019
Zaes: A Forgotten State (premiere)
Kukuruz Quartet
Brown University, Providence/USA

Feb 5, 2019
Zaes: Texture B (premiere)
Ensemble Chartreuse
Brown University, Providence/USA

Feb 3, 2019
Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai/IND

DEC 16, 2018
Lim+Zaes: pochen
IGNM soirée ‘Art of Sound,’ Zurich/CH
8:30 PM Walcheturm

Dec 4+5, 2018
Mandeep Raikhy: the extremities of a surface are lines
dance piece, music by Yasuhiro Morinaga & Marcel Zaes 
13 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi/IND

NOV 25, 2018

Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
The Courtyard, Bangalore/IND

NOV 24, 2018

Kukuruz Quartet plays the music of Mary Jane Leach, Julia Amanda Perry, Simone Keller, Sarah Ayotomiwa Pitan, and Marcel Zaes.
HOMUNCULUS / unerhört! Festival 2018, Zurich/CH

NOV 18, 2018

Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
Conflictorium, Ahmedabad/IND

NOV 16, 2018

Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
Ears on Mumbai, Mumbai/IND

NOV 9, 2018

Zaes: Pulsations
Bach-Marathon, Providence RI/USA

SEP 27, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations
Aviary, Jamaica Plain MA/USA

SEP 15, 2018

Zaes: Stillness in Disrepair
Klangbasel, Basel/CH

SEP 10, 2018

Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
République Géniale, Kunstmuseum, Berne/CH

SEP 7, 2018

Zaes: A Practical Black-and-White
Musikfestival, Dampfzentrale, Berne/CH

SEP 6, 2018

Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
HEK Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel/CH

SEP 5, 2018

Zaes: Texture A
Musikfestival, Dampfzentrale, Berne/CH

SEP 1, 2018

Zaes: Pulsations / Aries Zaes
Container Wunderkammer Glattpark, Zurich/CH

AUG 13, 2018

Zaes: Setting #7
Amasoong, Imphal/IND

JUL 11, 2018

Zaes: Pulsations
Oddbird, New Delhi/IND

JUN 29, 2018
Poorna Swami + Marcel Zaes: The Long and Short of It
1Shanthiroad, Bangalore/IND

JUN 28, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations
Swissnex India, Bangalore/IND

APR 27, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations
Sutton Street, Providence/USA

Apr 5, 2018
Zaes+Yarn/Wire: Study for four pianists and one piano
Brown University, Providence/USA

MAR 21, 2018
Bhardwaj/Zaes: Edges
Trilogyat March Dance, Chennai/IND

FEB 11, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
Center For New Music, San Francisco/USA

FEB 4, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
Swissnex, Boston/USA

FEB 2, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
Brown University, Providence/USA

FEB 11, 2018
Zaes: Pulsations [Bitumen]
Center For New Music, San Francisco/USA

JAN 11, 2018
Bhardwaj/Zaes: Edges
Dance Round Table Taipei/TAIWAN

DEC 15, 2017
Swami+Zaes: Cartography
Shoonya Centre, Bangalore/IND

DEC 7, 2017
Zaes: Pulsations
Brown University, Providence/USA

SEP 24, 2017
Zaes: Stillness in Disrepair
Swiss Chamber Music Festival, Adelboden/CH

JUL 22, 2017
Koós+Zaes: 2 5 1 8 4 11 5 / 36
Elnök Utcai Müterem, Budapest/HUN

JUL 21, 2017
Schölß+Zaes: Dissect/Shelter
Oikos Haus, Schlehdorf/GER

JUN 9, 2017
Manzoni/Zaes/Classicus Quartet: Sjö
Central European University, Budapest/HUN

JUN 8, 2017
Manzoni/Zaes/Sörés: Impro Set
Kék Ló, Budapest/HUN

MAY 12, 2017
Zaes: Setting #6
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence/USA

MAY 6, 2017
Zaes: Setting #4
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence/USA

MAY 6, 2017
Zaes: Pulse Geometries MOD#4
Brown University, Providence/USA

APR 8, 2017
Zaes: Blau & Rauschbereit
Abhyas Somatics Lab, New Delhi/IND

APR 5, 2017
Zaes: Setting #5
Brown University, Providence/USA

MAR 8, 2017
Zaes: Pulse Geometries MOD#4
Brown University, Providence/USA

FEB 24, 2017
Zaes+Inernational Contemporary Ensemble: Empty Asphalt Junctions
Brown University, Providence/USA

FEB 10, 2017
Zaes+Momenta Quartet: Setting #4
Brown University, Providence/USA

FEB 7, 2017
Bhardwaj+Zaes: Edges
Attakkalari Biennial, Bangalore/IND

DEC 8, 2016
Zaes: Noise/Sine
Brown University, Providence/USA

DEC 1, 2016
Zaes: Setting #3
Bone Festival for Performance Arts, Berne/CH

NOV 25, 2016
Manzoni/Zaes/Classicus Quartet: Sjö
Teatro Sociale, Bellinzona/CH

OCT/NOV, 2016
Whigham+Zaes: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank
Stadttheater, Berne/CH

NOV 10, 2016
Zaes: Pulse Geometries MOD#3 + Isomorph
Swissnex, Boston/USA

SEP 30, 2016
Zaes+Glasl: Zwischen Raum
Benediktinerstift, Sankt Lambrecht/A

SEP 22, 2016
Ox+Öl/Bartels/Zaes: Rindfleisch...
Architekturforum, Zurich/CH

SEP 10, 2016
Zaes: Rasterbild
Music School Worb, Berne/CH

JUL 7-15, 2016
Lim+Zaes: Pochen, Scherbeln, (dis)similar
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

JUN 30-JUL 8, 2016
Lim+Zaes: Pochen, Scherbeln, (dis)similar
Gallery Lage Egal, Berlin/GER

MAY 21, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong/HK

MAY 19, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
ISEA2016 Conference, Hong Kong/HK

MAY 18, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Orange Peel, Hong Kong/HK

APR 23, 2016
Manzoni/Zaes/Classicus Quartet: Sjö, Isomorph
Druckereihalle, Basel/CH

APR 22, 2016
Manzoni/Zaes/Classicus Quartet: Sjö, Isomorph
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

APR 21, 2016
Manzoni/Zaes/Classicus Quartet: Sjö, Isomorph
Gallery Stephan Witschi, Zurich/CH

MAR-JUN, 2016
Whigham+Zaes: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank
Stadttheater, Berne/CH

MAR 13, 2016
Zaes: Blau & Rauschbereit
Burgbachkeller, Zug/CH

FEB 6, 2016
Zaes: Blau & Rauschbereit
Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich/CH

FEB 5, 2016
Zaes: Blau & Rauschbereit
Aula PROGR, Berne/CH

FEB 4, 2016
Zaes: Blau & Rauschbereit
Kaskadenkondensator, Basel/CH

FEB 2, 2016
Zaes: Isomorph
Central European University, Budapest/HUN

JAN 19, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Echoraum, Vienna/AT

JAN 15, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes+Sörés: Sjö
Trafó, Budapest/HUN

JAN 14, 2016
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Central European University, Budapest/HUN

DEC 28, 2015
Sörés+Zaes: Impro Set
Auróra, Budapest/HUN

DEC 27, 2015
Sörés+Zaes: Interview featured on Tilos Radio, Budapest/HUN

DEC 10, 2015
Sáile+Zaes: Release (movie)
Alternative Video/Film Festival, Belgrade/RS

NOV 28, 2015
Sáile+Zaes: Release (movie)
Cité Universitaire, Paris/FRA

OCT 31, 2015
Zaes: Setting #1 + #2
Residency 108, Bard College, Hudson Valley/USA

OCT 15, 2015
Zaes: View From The Top, performed by snim Vienna
Das kleine Symposion, Echoraum, Vienna/AT

SEP 19, 2015
Zaes: Zwischen Raum
Festival Zither am Berg, Wendelstein/GER

SEP 18/19/20, 2015
Ox+Öl/Bartels/Zaes: Dinge, die man hin und...
Architekturforum, Zurich/CH

AUG 30, 2015
Zaes: Pulse Geometries MOD#1
Festival Les Digitales, Neuchâtel/CH

JUL 2, 2015
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Auróra, Budapest/HUN

JUN 12-28, 2015
Schölß+Zaes: Hinterland
Gallery Atelier Worb, Berne/CH

MAY 20, 2015
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Officine Caos, Turin/ITA

APR 25, 2015
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Braui Kleintheater Worb, Berne/CH

JAN 24, 2015
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Quiet Cue, Berlin/GER

DEC 11, 2014
Zaes: Similar
IGNM Kornhausforum, Berne/CH

SEP 28 - NOV 2, 2014
Zaes: Sloping Site + Record of a Minute
Jetzt Kunst Marzili Swiss Sculpture Show, Berne/CH

OCT 24, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes+Hasler+Benetti: Sjö
Safe Mitte, Basel/CH

OCT 19, 2014
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 19, 2014
Zaes: Cut Low From Above
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 18, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 17, 2014
Zaes: Prairie Urbaine
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 17, 2014
Zaes+Dida: Lel Samar Project, Grain De Ciel
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 16, 2014
Zaes: Wüsten
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

OCT 12, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Gwenstival, Chiasso/CH

OCT 11, 2014
Meierhans+Zaes: Die Landschaft zerfetzt...
Museo d’Arte di Mendrisio/CH

SEP 6, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Sonarraum U64, Berne/CH

SEP 5, 2014
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters

AUG 23, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Festival Les Digitales, Lugano/CH

AUG 7, 2014
Manzoni+Zaes: Sjö
Strade del Cinema, Aosta/ITA

JUL 17 - SEP 28, 2014
Schölß+Zaes: Lack of Hinterlands
Ostrale, Dresden/GER

JUL 5, 2014
Zaes: (dis)similar
Autocenter, Berlin/GER

JUN 9, 2014
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
F.I.M.U. Festival, Belfort/FRA

MAY 24, 2014
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
CRSA Festival, Lausanne/CH

MAY 24, 2014
Zaes: Poussières Somatiques
CRSA Festival, Lausanne/CH

APR 24, 2014
Zaes: Electro Set
Club d’Essai, Dampfzentrale, Berne/CH

APR 18, 2014
Zaes: Zurück (in Rom)
Teorbo: Francesca Bennetti
Predigerkirche, Zurich/CH

APR 12, 2014
Sas+Zaes: La Maison Pense Au Présent
Gallery z00, Lausanne/CH

JAN 31, 2014
Schölß+Zaes: Lack of Hinterlands
Stadtgalerie, Berne/CH

DEC 18, 2013
Schölß+Zaes: Ten Times
Schauraum, Olten/CH

DEC 15, 2013
Zaes/Hackel/Arancio: Mode 27

DEC 7, 2013
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

NOV 15, 2013
Sas+Zaes: Retour à l’Envoyeur
Jeune Création, Centre 104, Paris/FRA

OCT 11, 2013
Meierhans+Zaes: Die Landschaft zerfetzt...
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

SEP 19/20/21, 2013
Adam+Schölß+Zaes: Wüsten
Tojo Theater, Berne/CH

SEP 6, 2013
Meierhans+Zaes: Die Landschaft zerfetzt...
Musikfestival, Berne/CH

AUG 31, 2013
Zaes/Hackel/Arancio: Mode 27
Festival Les Digitales, Lugano/CH

AUG 17, 2013
Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Festival Les Digitales, Lausanne/CH

JUL 10, 2013
Adam+Schölß+Zaes: Wüsten
Kunstarkaden, Munich/GER

JUN 1-2, 2013
Adam+Schölß+Zaes: Wüsten
Festival Out Now, Schwankhalle, Bremen/GER

APR 6, 2013
Zaes: Ciel de Poussière
Church, Les Diablerets/CH

FEB 27-MAR 3, 2013
Furrer+Lenherr+Zaes: Die Wand
Theater am Gleis, Winterthur/CH

JAN 24-25, 2013
Adam+Schölß+Zaes: Wüsten
Schwere Reiter, Munich/GER

JAN 12, 2013
Zaes: Southbound
Kirche Rosenberg, Winterthur/CH

JAN 9, 2013
Zaes: Prairie Urbaine
Sabrina Merz, double bass
Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich/CH

DEC 14, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Grain De Ciel
100Copies Music, Cairo/EGYPT

DEC 7, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Grain De Ciel
Darb 1718, Cairo/EGYPT

DEC 1, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Grain De Ciel

NOV 6, 2012
Adam+Schölß+Zaes: Wüsten
Darb 1718, Cairo/EGYPT

SEP 24, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Teatro Nuovo Colosseo, Rome/ITA

SEP 22, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Teatro Keiros, Rome/ITA

SEP 14, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
ONO, Berne/CH

SEP 13, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
City Club, Pully/CH

SEP 12, 2012
Dida+Zaes: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Kind Of Jazz, Berne/CH

SEP 9, 2012
Zaes: Nach dem lauten Weltgewühle
Reformierte Kirche Unterstrasse, Zurich/CH

SEP 8, 2012
Zaes: Nach dem lauten Weltgewühle
Sebastianskapelle, Baden/CH

AUG 31, 2012
Zaes: Nach dem lauten Weltgewühle
Kirche Veltheim, Winterthur/CH

Aug 30-31, 2012
Maurer/Rexer/Zaes: Eine Art Alaska
Theater Stadelhofen, Zurich/CH

JUN 29, 2012

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Kernel Festival, Milan/ITA

JUN 21, 2012

Lim+Zaes: Infinite Silent Redundancy
Swiss Institute at Rome, Rome/ITA

JUN 15, 2012
Meierhans+Zaes: Die Landschaft zerfetzt...
Romanian Academy, Rome/ITA

MAY 23-JUN 15, 2012
Zaes+Zloteanu: Clouds With Roots
Romanian Academy, Rome/ITA

MAY 26=27, 2012

Duveen+Zaes: Black Soil / White Silence
Orbital Garden, Berne/SWITZ

MAR 3, 2012

Maurer/Rexer/Zaes: Eine Art Alaska
Schloss Wartegg, Rohrschachberg/SWITZ

FEB 27, 2012

Duveen+Zaes: Black Soil / White Silence
Swiss Institute at Rome, Rome/ITA

FEB 2-3, 2012

Maurer/Rexer/Zaes: Eine Art Alaska
Theater am Gleis, Winterthur/SWITZ

FEB 1, 2012

Portrait on composer Marcel Zaes

JAN 27-29, 2012

Maurer/Rexer/Zaes: Eine Art Alaska
Theater Tojo, Berne/SWITZ

DEC 9, 2011

Radio Feature about composer Marcel Zaes

NOV 20, 2011

Zaes: Yellow Neon Letters
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Club Dal Verme, Rome/ITA

OCT 23, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Caveau Oxymore, Cully/CH

OCT 22, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Tonus Music Labor, Berne/CH

OCT 20, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Metallgarten Worb, Berne/CH

OCT 16, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
iCamp, Munich/GER

OCT 15, 2011

Schölß+Zaes: A Sky Covered With Dust
Lange Nacht der Museen, Munich/GER

OCT 10, 2011

Zaes: Prairies
EMU Fest, Rome/ITA

OCT 1, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Orbital Garden, Berne/CH

SEP 26-OCT 2, 2011

Maurer/Rexer/Zaes: Eine Art Alaska
Lokremise, St. Gallen/CH

SEP 11-15, 2011

Dick/Tesche/Zaes: Der Wunsch, Indianer zu werden
Stadttheater, Berne/CH

AUG 30, 2011

Zaes: Prairies
Bienal Música Hoje, Curitiba/BRA

JUN 21, 2011

Zaes+Dida: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Fête de la Musique, Beirut/LIB

JUN 20, 2011

Zaes+Dida: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Electro Mecanique, Beirut/LIB

JUN 12+13, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Festival FIMU, Belfort/FRA

JUN 11+12, 2011

Zaes+Dida: Lel Samar Project, Morceau De Rien
Festival FIMU, Belfort/FRA

JUN 3, 2011

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
Festival Out Now, Bremen/GER

APR 16, 2011

Zaes+Arancio: Bruchstücke von Blau
Tonus Music Labor, Berne/CH

JAN 23, 2011

Zaes+Hasler: Southbound
Kunsthaus, Zug/CH

DEC 27, 2010

Zaes+Dida: Lel Samar Project, Debut
Zico House, Belfort/FRA

DEC 10-12, 2010

Greiner+Zaes: Alenka
Tanzhaus, Zurich/CH

NOV 6, 2010

Zaes: The Last Place (Left)
Katryn Hasler, Florine Juvet, Marcel Zaes
LAB30, Augsburg/GER

SEP 3, 2010

Zaes: Prairies

AUG 21, 2010

Zaes: A Long Moment (of Pleasure)
Duo ChamberBridge
Zinghaus Köniz, Berne/CH

JUN 1, 2010

Zaes+Arancio: Bruchstücke von Blau
Festival Out Now, Schankhalle, Bremen/GER

MAY 16, 2010

Zaes: A Long Moment (of Pleasure)
UC Berkeley/USA

MAY 12+14, 2010
Zaes/Bhend/Bolzli: stutzen/stopfen/strecken
Rote Fabrik, Zurich/CH

MAY 5, 2010

Zaes: A Long Moment (of Pleasure)
San Francisco Voices, San Franciso/USA

APR 29+30, 2010
Zaes/Bhend/Bolzli: stutzen/stopfen/strecken
Grand*Palais, Berne/CH

MAR 19, 2010
Lim/Zaes: Scherbeln
Museumsnacht Berne/CH

DEC 2, 2009
Madsen/Zaes: Was bedrückt dich?
Theater der Künste, Zurich/CH

SEP 24, 2009
Zaes: Prairies
Festival Lausanne Jardins, Lausanne/CH

SEP 19, 2009
Zaes: Southbound
KomponistInnenkolloquium Mitersill/A

AUG 3, 2009
Zaes: Südhaft I-III

JUN 13, 2009
Zaes: Südhaft I-III
ZKM Karlsruhe/GER

JUN 4, 2009
Dick/Tesche/Zaes: Vox Humana
Staatstheater Oldenburg/GER

MAY 12, 2009
Zaes: Südhaft I-III
University of the Arts, Berne/CH

APR 18, 2009
Zaes: Südhaft I-III
Weimarer Frühjahrstagen für zeitgenössische Musik, Weimar/GER

JAN 15, 2009
Zaes: Nordhoch
Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich/CH