A Land Unknown

Installation piece, 2020

By Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes

Sound recording performers:
Mary-Kim Arnold, Alexander Dupuis, Martim S. Galvão, Cyrill Lim, Mirjam Paninski, My Tran and Marcel Zaes

Audio recording:
Lee Gilboa

Booklet text:
“In Absentia” by Nora N. Khan

Booklet drawings:
Cyrill Lim and Marcel Zaes

Booklet layout:
Tracy Yu

Shown at Granoff Center, Providence RI, 2020

The realization of this work was funded in part by the Brown Arts Initiative and in part by the Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

Lim & Zaes’ new installation piece collects various visual, tactile, sonic and human-made phenomena, all of which unfold at, and on, the material surfaces that are on display. The pieces are sculptural, and yet they stand in as placeholders for that which is absent. They open themselves to the visitor’s actual and imaginative perception. In a sense, these pieces may be, to the artists as much as to the visitors, a land unknown.

All photos by Cyrill Lim & Marcel Zaes

A Land Unknown, version of the installation produced for Sonorities Festival, Belfast, 2022