Music project, 2020

Album & Live Set
By Aries Zaes, 2020

Annie Aries:
synths & electronics

Marcel Zaes:
synths & electronics


Mimi Kind on Debris:
“Aries and Zaes mill sound components precisely, into warm wholesome synth forms. They can twist themselves into their own threads. Still, human nuance, quirks, sound freckles. pop.stroke.pop. Tracks to dance up, dance down tracks. Aries-and-Zaes-made compositional systems, which take on a momentum of their own.”

On Aries Zaes:
Annie Aries and Marcel Zaes met while studying Sound Art together at Bern University of the Arts. During a two-year creative phase, which resulted in the debut album “Debris,” they explored the aesthetics of club music. Annie Rüfenacht, aka Annie Aries (who is also part of the pop duo Berg & Berg and the Volca Massaker Orchester) focuses on analog synthesizers, patch cables and just about every type of sound out there. Marcel Zaes, who now lives in the USA, utilizes an installational approach, writes compositions for ensembles and performs as a solo electronica artist. He creates worlds of sound that resemble synthesizers but are in fact played by classical musicians and works with algorithmic drum machines. For the “Debris” recordings, Aries and Zaes primarily used a vintage Arp 2500 synthesizer to create analogue synth sounds in digital structures. The debut has been released on the Bern-based label Prefermusic (Am Kap, Otto von Ohr plus many more).

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