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Blau & Rauschbereit

Experimental beat music work
for one performer with four flutes playing 21 voices, and electronics and speakers

For Lara Stanic


BLAU & RAUSCHBEREIT is departing from the notion of sound as a contiuum of white noise. What we hear is only seemingly a continuum of white noise, for it is made of air sounds on the differently sized flutes, and secondly, if we listen closely, we notice that even the continuity of these sounds is an illusion. In reality, the played flute sounds are being layered and sent through an algorithm which opens and closes the signal really fast, resulting in a graular characteristics of sound. The term “blau“ [blue] in the title refers to the seemingly monochronous character of this sound world, while the term “rauschbereit,“ in German, points tot he double meaning of noise as both unwanted sound and a potential for emotional affect, that is, ecstasy.

Written for, and premiered by, Lara Stanic, at Kaskadenkondensator Basel in 2016.