Music work, 2016

String quartet

30 minutes
Excerpt, performance with Classicus Quartet, Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest, 2016

American premiere, full recording, Swissnex Boston, 2016

Although Isomorph is an entirely acoustic piece of music, Zaes’ background of electronic music is clearly audible. Additive principles deriving from electronic music synthesis are the basis. It is a delicate work, which negates romantic expression and virtuosity, but while rejecting large gestures it perhaps leads the performers to a calm, yet highly bodily form of virtuosity: the music needs an extreme level of precision and synchrony between the four players in order that the technology-inspired sound succeeds. In this 30 minute, mostly quiet work, the fragile textures emerge from the precarious social body that is the string quartet.

World premiere, 2016, with Classicus Quartet Budapest, Réka Baksai - violin, József Rácz - violin, Péter Tornyai - viola, Tamás Zétényi - cello

American premiere in Boston, 2016, with Kate Outterbridge - violin, Josie Davis - violin, Ashley Frith - viola, Laura Cetilia - cello