Pulse Geometries

Media performance, 2015-2017

Experimental beat music
Live performance with experimental waveform generators and digital video projections

Set length: flexible, 15-45 minutes

Pulse Geometries MOD#4
premiered at Brown University in 2017

Pulse Geometries MOD#3
premiered at Swissnex Boston in 2016

Pulse Geometries MOD#1
premiered at Les Digitales Festival, Lugano/Switz. in 2015

In his solo performances PULSE GEOMETRIES MOD#1-4, Marcel Zaes uses experimental (analog) waveform generators that serve as single sound sources. The simple waveforms are impure and constantly slightly out of tune. Zaes samples these waveforms with a digital system in real-time, allowing a dense and rough beat music with an analog charm to emerge. While the numerous layers of music follow an abstract rhythmic structure, the composite result is nevertheless a groovy, if perhaps not danceable music. The music is extended by Zaes’ in real time with digitally created video projections that are generative (video synthesis), but they are made with an algorithm that allows for user input by the performer. This leads to a relationship between sound and image that seems to be predictable and yet escapes obvious one-on-one mappings. Instead, this human-algorithmic system gives rise to an assemblage of sounds and geometric visual shapes that fluidly oscillate between improvisational, conceptual, and sound visualization elements.

Used tech:
analogue waveform generators
digital processing system
mixing desk
speakers with subwoofer
1-3 video projectors