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Texture A / Texture B

Music works for heavily amplified chamber ensembles and electronics

Texture A
for viola, piano, bass clarinet, bassoon, electric guitar and electronics, 2018

Texture B
for string trio, 2019

This series of electrified chamber music works involves detail work on rhythm, micro rhythm, repetition and variation, all of which together form a texture on the surface. The human performers operate at a time scale crucially different from the digital algorithm which is gridding the instrumental sounds at an inhumanly fast pace, which technically is realized using python3 algorithms made by Brian House. In a translation process, these BRAID rhythms are being applied to the instrumental voices, which involves references to popular music beats, and which results in a sort of “orchestrated techno.” The notion of “pulse,” in the wake of these works, needs to be redefined for it exists as an embodied relationship between the participating musicians and the machinic clocks.

Texture A was premiered by Virginia Arancio, Jordan Dykstra, Elise Jacoberger, Simone Keller, and Ernesto Molinari at Musikfestival at Dampfzentrale Bern in 2018.

Texture B was premiered by Myra Hinrichs, Carrie Frey, Helen Newby and their Chartreuse Ensemble, at Brown University Providence in 2019.