Music project, 2011-2014

Experimental Electronic

Katryn Hasler, baritone violin
Florine Juvet, accordion
Marcel Zaes, electronics

With THE LAST PLACE (LEFT), Marcel Zaes creates a fragile sound world which moves familiar things into a surprising light. The deliberate surrender of virtuosity and melody puts the focus entirely on the inner self of the sound and the rhythm patterns that are derived from prime number permutations. Subtly “handcrafted” electronic sounds mix inseparably with the baritone violin and accordion, both instruments which in itself emit timbre that is reminiscent of synthesized sound. THE LAST PLACE (LEFT) is at the same time machined poetry and groovy sound world. The record THE LAST PLACE (LEFT) was released in October 2011 by Tonus Music Records.

YELLOW NEON LETTERS is the second work of the trio Hasler/Juvet/Zaes. Again, the two classical instruments provide a rich sound material in real-time while while Zaes’ ideosyncratic max/msp patch creates algorhtimic sound textures out of this material. YELLOW NEON LETTERS has been premiered at Festival ReVolt in Rome in 2011.